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Having a website is super important for any business today. It’s like your online shop that’s open 24/7, where people can easily find out about your stuff and what makes you awesome. It makes your business look legit and trustworthy, which is key when people are deciding where to spend their money. Plus, it lets you reach way more people than just those nearby, so you can grow your customer base big time. Websites also help you connect with customers through things like reviews and FAQs, and they’re a great way to market your business online. Basically, having a website is a must if you want your business to rock in the digital world!

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*Your website will be taken offline if you are unable to make your yearly payment with any website builds that include hosting. You will receive an invoice 2 weeks before your payment is due. 1 week following your due date if your payment is not received, your website will be taken down. This does not apply to websites not hosted on our server and domains not registered with Design Carolinas.

If you do not bring your own domain, your domain can be transferred to you for a fee of $100. You can cancel your service with us at any time and your website will remain active for the duration of your subscription if your website is hosted on our server.

Submitting this form is not an agreement to fulfillment of your website, we will follow up with you via email to get the full details of your website and take your payment upon completion of your website. A deposit is required to design the website and is non-refundable. Deposits are 25% of the total price of your project. Most website projects range from $150-$850 depending on the complexity and how quickly you need it completed.